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Pinnacle – Outdoor Panelling

Our exclusive range of Pinnacle Outdoor Panelling will be a perfect fit for your outdoor finishes. This range is ideal for apartment buildings, houses, outdoor entertainment areas and more, creating breathtaking exteriors with a modern finish.

Wall Panel Dimensions:

  • Standard Length: 2900mm
  • Profile Width: 125mm
  • Profile Height: 21mm
  • Panels /m²: 2.76
  • Coverage /m: 8.00
  • Mass /m: 1.70kg

Edging Strip Dimensions:

  • Standard Length: 2900mm
  • Profile Width: 45mm
  • Profile Height: 45mm

Product Composition:

  • Wood Flour: 60%
  • Recycled PE: 30%
  • Additives (Colourants, Anti-oxidants, Anti-Ultraviolet Agent, Lubricants etc.): 10%

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