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Auric Indoor Panelling

This high end, exclusive range of Auric Indoor Panelling couples a wood look design with a metallic accent, turning any space into a masterpiece feature. This PS indoor wall panelling will add texture and a luxurious feel to any space. This range is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc.

Wall Panel Dimensions:

  • Standard Length: 2900mm
  • Profile Width: 145mm
  • Profile Height: 12mm
  • Panels /m²: 2.38
  • Coverage /m: 6.9
  • Mass /m: 0.58 kg

Edging Strip Dimensions:

  • Standard Length: 2900mm
  • Profile Width: 23mm
  • Profile Height: 12.7mm

Product Composition:

  • HIPS: 10%
  • EPS: 86.99%
  • Colour Masterbatch: 1%
  • Foil: <=0.01%
  • Flexibilizer: 2%

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