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Architectural beams can serve several aesthetic functions in a building's design.
This product adds visual interest to a space by breaking up large, empty expanses of ceiling or walls. They can create interesting patterns, shapes, and shadows that enhance the overall design.
Beamz can provide a rustic contrast to other design elements in a space or act as an attractive semi divider within designed spaces.

Extend your living space and aesthetically enhance the layout of your outdoor areas using our contemporary designed Pergolas. Our modern design and seamless orientation of beams and supports allow for the perfect degree of filtered light to be enjoyed while using this semi shade concept.
Installing our custom, durable, no maintenance pergolas will help to define your landscape, and add a touch of luxury to both commercial or residential spaces. It succeeds in creating privacy and shade, designates outdoor lounging or dining areas, and looks picturesque in gardens while creating an unmistakably lavish outdoor setting.


Product Composition:

  • Wood Flour: 60%
  • Recycled PE: 30%
  • Additives (Colourants, Anti-oxidants, Anti-Ultraviolet Agent, Lubricants etc.): 10%


  • Standard Length: 2900mm
  • Profile Width & height : 60x40mm/98x48mm/120x120mm
  • Mass/m: 0.98 / 2.63 / 7.75 kg
  • Mass/Length: 2.84 / 7.6 / 22.48 kg

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