Shipping Policy

Deckz And Wallz Shipping Policy


  1. Bulk prices are exclusive of VAT. Retail prices are inclusive of VAT.
  2. Discontinued ranges and colours will be communicated to customers via email. It is the customer’s responsibility to update this information accordingly.
  3. Production of panels are done in batches and colours may have a slight variant from one production batch to the next. We recommend that a single order be placed for panels to be installed in the same room/area to avoid any noticeable differences in colour.
  4. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please ensure that you always have an updated pricelist. Deckz & Wallz will not be held liable for quotes based on old pricelists.

Conditions Of Sale

  1. It is a requirement that all orders be placed using our specially designed “order form” only. Kindly ensure that all details are completed i.e., order number, design, colour etc. Any annotations on the order form must be clear and legible.
  2. All measurements must be stated in the correct unit of measurement (UOM) whilst also keeping the UOM that is used standard when ordering matching profiles etc.
  3. No telephonic amendments or verbal requests will be accepted. All changes to orders must be done in writing.
  4. The company will acknowledge your order by means of an order confirmation.
  5. The order confirmation will specify technical information with regards to your order. Please verify that all details are correct as per your requirements as well as your price.
  6. The order confirmation will further stipulate an estimated target date by which your order should be completed and ready for dispatch/collection.
  7. Please note – Any special requests with regards to specific delivery dates need to be confirmed by Deckz & Wallz first – all communication must be done in writing.
  8. If the customer elects not to receive/sign the order confirmation document, a written stipulation refuting this process needs to be given. Refusal to sign/accept order confirmations will result in forfeiture by the customer of all rights of dispute related to charges, delivery date and technical specifications.
  9. Processing of orders will commence only after receipt of the signed order confirmation from the customer.
  10. Quantity of decking and wall panels should be ordered in full lengths as supplied and not in “mts” or “sqmts”.

Payment Terms

  1. For all COD accounts, payments should be made upon acknowledgement of the order confirmation.
  2. All customers will have the option of applying for a credit facility.
  3. The granting of a credit facility is subject to the success of the credit application.
  4. Credit limits will be set for all accounts.


  • No settlement discounts are applicable.
  • No extension of time on payments will be allowed.
  • Once the credit limit has been exceeded, the customer will be notified on the excess amount payable.
  • Payment terms must be strictly adhered to as agreed upon. Failure to adhere to payment terms could unfortunately result in your account being placed on hold or closed.
  • Orders pending payment outside these terms will only be released once full payment is received.
  • All goods remain the property of DECKZ & WALLZ until paid for in full.


  1. Cartage costs are for the customer’s account.
  2. The condition of all cartons should be checked in the presence of the courier company driver prior to signing off waybills.
  3. If there are visible damages on the cartons, the contents do not need to be checked but the waybill should be marked as “cartons damaged, contents not checked.”
  4. If there are no visible damages on the cartons, then the contents (not quantities) need to be checked and if there are any damages the waybill should be marked as “contents damaged.”
  5. If there are any damages, a list of the damaged contents including the total value should be reported within 24 hours of delivery.
  6. Waybills cannot be endorsed as “UNCHECKED.”
  7. If waybills are signed for without goods being checked, the courier company and Deckz & Wallz will not accept liability for any damages and claims brought to our attention thereafter.
  8. Please ensure that you have sufficient insurance cover for your goods in transit. Any damages to products in transit should be claimed from the courier company.