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Vertex Outdoor Panelling

Our Vertex Outdoor Panelling adds character and architectural supremacy to outdoor spaces. This range is ideal for outdoor landscape finishing, apartment buildings, houses, outdoor entertainment and pool areas producing a breathtaking and finished exterior to any area.

Wall Panel Dimensions:

  • Standard Length: 2900mm
  • Profile Width: 205mm
  • Profile Height: 26mm
  • Panels /m²: 1.68
  • Coverage /m: 4.88
  • Mass /m: 2.86kg

Edging Strip Dimensions:

  • Standard Length: 2900mm
  • Profile Width: 60mm
  • Profile Height: 40mm

Product Composition:

  • Wood Flour: 60%
  • Recycled PE: 30%
  • Additives (Colourants, Anti-oxidants, Anti-Ultraviolet Agent, Lubricants, etc.): 10%

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