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Paragon Co-Extrusion Decking

The Paragon Co-Extrusion Decking collection has a dual-sided colour extrusion for your preferred colour of installation. The colour options allow you to manipulate design and pattern during installation. A contemporary innovation allowing both creativity, versatility and feasibility using one product. Explore our range of colour options including: Ancient Wood, Grey, Maple, Rosewood, Silver Grey, and Teak.

Product Dimensions:

  • Standard Length: 5800mm
  • Profile Width: 148mm
  • Profile Height: 23mm
  • Mass /m: 2.75 kg
  • Mass /length: 15.95 kg
  • Planks /m2: 1.17
  • Coverage /m2: 6.76

Edging Strip Dimensions:

  • Standard Length: 2900mm
  • Profile Width: 60mm
  • Profile Height: 40mm

Product Composition:

  • Wood Flour: 60%
  • Recycled PE: 30%
  • Additives (Colourants, Anti-oxidants, Anti-Ultraviolet Agent, Lubricants etc.): 10%

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